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Paypal Giving Fund

Make Life Easier for Local Blood Cancer Patients


Do you like the idea of giving to charity, but don’t like giving to organizations that don’t tell you how or where they spend your money?


Why Us?

The Wicklund Warriors is a public 501c3 charity. We are committed to supporting local families and are solely focused on making a financial impact in the lives of our Warriors. Our Warriors, their stories, and their struggles are why we come to you and ask for your support. 

Through our application process, we work directly with social workers in hospitals and centers of excellence to identify clinically diagnosed patients in the Capital Region who are facing financial difficulty


How we Help?

We strive to build relationships with our recipients and tailor our giving to support their needs. Through the years we've built a community of survivors where we engage with each other to offer support and friendship.

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The PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF) covers all transaction fees. 100% of the donation goes to our charity. PPGF will issue you a tax receipt. Make sure to "Share my name and email with this charity" so we can thank you on behalf of all our warrior families.

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